90 Great Suffolk Street

Fashioned with the best of modern and industrial design

A newly-refurbished modern-industrial building located on Great Suffolk Street.

Welcoming innovation

The building reception is illuminated by a large neon artwork, welcoming guests to an office space that proposes innovation and creative design from the outset.

Brilliant design

Inside the wooden flooring is a soft and luminous, reflecting light into a large and malleable work space. Hints of vibrant color give an accent to the building with touches of retro style in the newly designed kitchen and bathrooms.

90 Great Suffolk Street

  • Floor:
  • -
  • 2nd Floor
  • State of Floor:
  • -
  • CAT-A Space
  • Size(sq ft):
  • -
  • 1,573 sq ft




Dynamic Interior

The property has open ceilings with exposed yet refined metal structures and lighting fixtures. In addition its spacious floor invites you to reimagine the room in multiple new ways.